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New Zealand Today - Flat Earth "The truth is more important than my life."

11 min 33 sec
278K views • 6.9K comments
  • Vaughn Felix
    Vaughn Felix Funny as heck!!! Welcome to flat earth. We hope you’ll stay a while
  • ge45ge Called
    ge45ge Called the world is filled with hecklers
  • Austin_whyte Cocculus
    Austin_whyte Cocculus her:We photothynsesis through our eyes \u003cbr /\u003e\u003cbr /\u003eMe:*looks at sun* my eyes ahhhh it burns ohh god pls nooo
  • Mike B.
    Mike B. Shocking... another crazy ass flat earther 🙄. Fucking morons
  • denny onsurez
    denny onsurez Smh these people don’t understand it’s not photoshopped satellite sends data to a person that coverts it into pictures so it’s not someone who just makes up the photo. To all the people who say show is the curve, show us a working model that shows us how the season works
  • surfinmuso
    surfinmuso We can settle this easily. All u flat-earthers pool yr cash and charter a jet....in any direction. Just go straight. When u get to the edge take a shit load of pics, then u can prove us all wrong and we will make u the prime minister. done.
  • surfinmuso
    surfinmuso "We can't find the curve..." yes, especially the learning curve.
  • Jay C
    Jay C One thing I've noticed Flat Earthers are all polite and sensnitve where as the globe people are arrogant and rude.
  • George Smith
    George Smith Any interview with a flat earther should only be as long as this...\u003cbr /\u003e\u003cbr /\u003eInterviewer: "Can you show evidence for a flat Earth?"\u003cbr /\u003e\u003cbr /\u003eFlat earther: "I don't understand most things."\u003cbr /\u003e\u003cbr /\u003eInterviewer: "Thank you for your time"
  • Chucky McNubbin
    Chucky McNubbin Mark Sargent can't admit he's not a flat earther because he'd have to pay back millions of dollars to the gullible investors he skimped money from. We all know it. Mark just has to man up and admit it.
  • Chucky McNubbin
    Chucky McNubbin Adrienne is absolute gold. Her comedic skills are fantastic. She portrays the illogical psychotic flat earther mentality very well. Kudos Adrienne. 👍.
  • Lossy Lossnitzer
    Lossy Lossnitzer Angry_\u003ca href=\
  • kilianhzh
    kilianhzh „We photosynthesize through our eyes“ wtf
  • SpaceGhost 4k
    SpaceGhost 4k Flatards. Possibly the dumbest people on the planet . If stupidity hurts then flatards are in constant pain.
  • Les Hemmings
    Les Hemmings Hahahaha! Funny AF! We need you to come investigate the brexit posse. They're just as mad but way more dangerous than flat earthers. \u003cbr /\u003eYou know you want to! UK needs you!
  • Floyd Marston
    Floyd Marston Every flat earther, EVER!
  • Ziploc
    Ziploc 360 degree flat horizon, as we expect and do see on the globe. Adrienne doesn't understand how we see things.
  • Ziploc
    Ziploc \u003ca href=\
  • Niuean Laho
    Niuean Laho If a helicopter was to hover for 7 hours in the same spot,while the Earth is spinning ,would the helicopter land back in the same spot or would the helicopter land in a different spot..The Earth takes 24 hrs to rotate so 7 hours is plenty time to see some kind of result......
  • mad ass
    mad ass She's a real special one, special in the head.