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  • M B
    M B Wallace hadn’t spent all day at the chess club he’d been working all day and got to the club around 7.45pm. If William had left the house on that Monday night when he said that he did he’d have reached the phone box at the time of the call. The boy, Alan Close, didn’t say that he’d seen Wallace after he was supposed to have left the house. The time was disputed but neighbours evidence shows that the boy left before 5.40 giving Wallace around 12 minutes to kill Julia. A mackintosh was found beneath Julia’s body for which there’s no explanation that makes sense apart from Wallace using it to prevent himself getting covered in blood. Also, why was there no blood outside of the parlour? Another killer would have had no reason for such care....but Wallace would have needed this care. Parry left his job of his own volition and he has a cast-iron alibi for the time of the murder. \u003cbr /\u003eOn the backdoor...the lock was faulty but Wallace had never been unable to get in before. Only on the very day that his wife was murdered. He was trying to give the impression that the killer was still inside. On the evidence presented in court guilty was the wrong verdict but with 90 years of assessing the case it’s my opinion, and I’m not alone, that Wallace was overwhelmingly likely to have been guilty.
  • Jodie Marie
    Jodie Marie Hey gal is that a shirt or a dress and where did i get it x
  • Alan Baird
    Alan Baird U like my doll Avril Lavigne. Miss cute
  • paul tarter
    paul tarter The husband was lying when he said he could not open the door, in order to get the neighbours to bear witness to the fact the they discovered the body together. That's because he knew in advance that there was a body to be discovered. People can change their accents on the phone so the husband could have made the phone call for the fake alibi. The husband went to great lengths to be away from his house and have loads of witnesses to this fact while the murder was going on. So it was a conspiracy the husband got someone else to kill the wife. Probably his younger workmate who he was probably blackmailing for stealing the missing money at work.
  • Cymro Gog
    Cymro Gog I think you could have said the Liverpool chess club instead of "something called the Liverpool chess club" it sounds like your dubious of it, but Wikipedia calls it the Liverpool central club.
  • sister lara
    sister lara Put a red lipstick and u kinda will look like nicollette sheridan
  • Lady Portia
    Lady Portia The Johnson couple look rather old. Would they have had the energy to pull this off? Anything is possible though. I am wondering thought whether or not the jingling of the keys by the husband at the back door was a sign for a hired hitman to leave? I mean there is no explanation as to why the key did not work the first time!
  • Sushi Saschi
    Sushi Saschi You should do ASMR
  • Paige wallace
    Paige wallace This does make me wonder, my surname is Wallace and I have family in Liverpool 🤔🤔🤔🤔
  • starburst honeybuns
    starburst honeybuns Apparently out of all the starsign criminal traits, virgo are the most likely to leave a crime scene with absolutely no clues and never get caught, if u believe in that kind of thing
  • Emily Francis
    Emily Francis So sad this man was doomed from the start. Law enforcement against you is a very powerful tool. The short deliberation time supports this. They might've as well hung him from the get go.
  • Weronika Kowalczyk
    Weronika Kowalczyk I love your vidioes, you're doing a great job 🤗 But is anyone else bothered by the audio? Like the sharp "shhhh" sounds after several words 🤔 I don't know if there's something wrong with my ears 🙈😅 But I'm not able to listen to some vidioes because of that 🙁🙈
  • Paul Sabin
    Paul Sabin I think that this case suffers from a clear set of facts and evidence. The back door being suddenly unlocked when it had just been locked, requires the murderer to still have been on the premises and unlocking the back door to get out while the husband went to get the key from the neighbors. This may be why nothing was stolen, as the husband came home sooner than expected or the thief was looking for something specific and it took much longer than expected to steal. Someone got away with murder because of the police's rush to judgement against the husband, which the appeal clearly blew apart, exposing the falicy of the police's theory.
  • Ed Sanchez
    Ed Sanchez Thank you Caitlin. This was one of your very best videos. One key here is the open back door. It leaves two suspects, the neighbors, who had a spare key, or the husband, who may have lied about the door being locked to get the neighbors to come out and establish that he could not get in - he didn’t need the spare key, he needed them to see him going in the back door he’d told them he thought was locked. However, the question of motive is the second key, and it does not appear the husband had motive aside from general marital frustrations, she being younger than he might have led to insecurity for him. Would the neighbors have bludgeoned the murder victim so viciously, taking the chance with every blow, of leaving behind as well as taking evidence on them ? Then again, the neighbor husband did have some time to clean up inside when they discovered the body. I am not surprised authorities focused on the husband, but a premeditated murder usually comes with a stronger motive. He said he got a call from, went to meet, and was looking for a potential life Insurance salesman, for 45 minutes, asking policemen about the address - were any of those conversations corroborated ? From the information relayed in the video it appears like the husband is still the strongest suspect. He could have faked the phone call, gone looking for this “insurance salesmen,” partially establishing his alibi, then drawn the neighbors into it after killing his wife (changing into clothes and hiding the murder suit he could have disposed of later), so that they could further bolster his alibi as they were there when he went in. One thing I wondered is the choice of insurance salesmen for the alibi - could it be that perhaps the husband had found out or was worried that, with his failing health, she would be unfaithful, then perhaps he’d learned she’d taken out a life insurance policy on him, and he’d thought she meant to do away with him - that could be strong motive for murder. But it’s a bit of a stretch. We’ll never know, the truth of this case has been obfuscated in the fog of time.
  • Vanida Knutson
    Vanida Knutson The neighbors killed her. They are the only ones who could lock and unlock the door. Motive not sure.
  • Jane Smith
    Jane Smith Im gonna go with the neighbor guy...he seems to be kind of shady. :o Btw.....I ADORE your lip color! BEAUTIFUL color on you! ;-) Have a great week girlie, :D
  • Norma Cook
    Norma Cook Sounds to me as if the killer was still in the house when the husband attempted to enter, then sneaked out & left the door unlocked....sad case.
  • CC W
    CC W Was the delivery boy that said he saw her ever investigated? Perhaps it was someone he knew. Or maybe the killer was in the house at the time the delivery boy came and threatened her not to let on anything suspicious or perhaps was in hiding until the boy left. Very interesting. I also wonder if they looked into family of either Julia or the husband.
  • andrea collins
    andrea collins Hopefully off to sleep I go,
  • Z J
    Z J I wonder what kind of valuables her husband had - antiques? It could have been a piece of paper they were after, if that's the case, it would be tough to know whether something was taken or not if he had a lot of antiques. Did he say anything was taken?