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Dr. Umar Johnson Talks America's War Against the Black Man

13 min 10 sec
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  • Gerald Rosen
    Gerald Rosen A “Dr with a degree in victimization”.
  • Sandra Mack
  • Mr Byson
    Mr Byson So this black Dick wanna be an Asshole for everybody, its okay whit me !!!
  • 131safari
    131safari Just who would marry a black woman anyway ? They're mouthy, violent and want you to spend every dollar you have on them ! No thanks !
  • Dis Appointed
    Dis Appointed No tight clothing in the work place, because not everyone is built the same, there are many shapes and sizes curves non curves. She is curvy outlined and slightly thick in size, but the teachers should have to wear uniforms as well as the children and non tight to body shape and curves. The system was built for you to go to school while your mother is on welfare to feed you and taking care of you. "Black" males fault for not going to school. Self control
  • cleopatra gold
    cleopatra gold that bitch was dressed for a street corner,
  • Santana Simmons
    Santana Simmons He not lying
  • Fitness Guru
    Fitness Guru But brother Umar...even her teacher K-5, she is setting the example for the little girls in her class to want to have there parts sticking out like that as soon as their body is able. this is why young teachers are a problem. Bring back the 55+ woman who is there to TEACH.
  • Aleshya Powell
    Aleshya Powell people take what he's saying and thinks that people think consciously about this note it's your subconscious subconsciously all of us have something about us that we all hate whether it's your lips your butt your breasts your stomach not not having enough ABS so why is it when he say that some black people not all black people have a self hatred in themselves so much to the point where they go out and seek refuge in another race to produce a child that does not have some of the same features that, that person has that made them hate themselves . I can remember being young and being bully by my whole entire class and then
  • WoordWatcher
    WoordWatcher In the mid 70s, faculty and students had been sleeping together since my seventh grade year that most at my schools knew about (a system).Plus at least one i know is still married to the old coach and could still be teaching. You, Candace and others ...what is it about this or that to make black men marry outside their race: hidden esoteric information: it's your mitochondrial DNA which affect we.at.her. (you have Byron Allen Folks syndrome...) This could set back 400 years ( Nov 13,2019: Civil Rights act 1866 section 1981.)
  • redsin79
    redsin79 Statistically, umar johnson statement about black men having self hate and running after every race of women except black women is a total lie.. Where did he get that source from???
  • Barbershop Willard
    Barbershop Willard Umar Johnson Ph.D Malcolm X and Huey P Newton incarnated
  • Barbershop Willard
    Barbershop Willard Huey P Newton Malcolm X all rolled up into one this brother is the monster
  • Barbershop Willard
    Barbershop Willard Doctor you make me wish I would have went to college
  • 2paacalipse
    2paacalipse That teacher makes me wanna go to school😉
  • joshua m
    joshua m If she was white and had no body this wouldn't be a conversation. But I get it
  • MrJustin1855
    MrJustin1855 Dr won't like this, but I'm a white dude that wouldn't hesitate opening race relations with her. Damn!
  • **
    ** Good topic on tge topic of how teachers dress. If a man as a teacher wore an outfit with his bulge showing while wearing a wife beater how long would he last?
  • Tish R
    Tish R His intelligence is sexy as hell.
  • Mustapha Mohammed
    Mustapha Mohammed Self hatred, that’s me. I need help.