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Eddie Griffin On Bill Cosby: Black Male Stars Don't Leave This Business Clean

12 min 48 sec
3.8M views • 8.3K comments
    FREE WILL DEFENDER Glad eddie mentioned how the 70s were. Coke, heroin etc was like weed today if u went out after 8pm u were doing a pill a line a cup whatever
  • Princess Tate
    Princess Tate Now it’s Cuba gooding jr turn....
  • james Stackhouse
    james Stackhouse Not guilty and did a dance move... Lol
  • sights1018
    sights1018 Eddie is a real motherfucker, agree or disagree, he's a real one. I respect that.
  • Derek Dick
    Derek Dick Killed Michael and bubbles lol im dead
  • Marcus Ancona
    Marcus Ancona Its to decrease his work value to buy his royalties for cheap wen he dies. Thats wat they was doin to mike jack
  • Jannie Irby
    Jannie Irby Real truth! Love you!
  • REDD
    REDD Vlad doesn’t like hearing the truth.... He changed the subject quick when the comparison about white rapists was the topic 👎🏽
  • Dark Knight
    Dark Knight I love how eddie keeps shutting vlad the fuck up
  • RichSoul 985
    RichSoul 985 The best comedian ever in my opinion
  • Bonita Nottingham
    Bonita Nottingham I see Eddie has no respect for women. Why you have to call women by your mother's name?😡
    DIY/LETS CREATE Undercover brother is my all time fav Eddie Griffin movie
  • Junior Castillo
    Junior Castillo Well what about trump when he got caought talking about grabbing her right by the pussy you most of you white folkes make me sick
  • Departing Beloved
    Departing Beloved He kept cutting Vlad off. He makes his points, and gets them all the way across. Eddie's a strait B.O.S.S.
  • Tevarious Tyner
    Tevarious Tyner Vlad so fucking corny that it makes my balls itch 🙄🌽
  • Jazib Nadeem
    Jazib Nadeem 80% people still think Michael Jackson is guilty! Just to ruin his legacy!
  • David Mitchell
    David Mitchell Dr Cosby??..... Convicted sex offender..
  • Cali Bonez
    Cali Bonez "You're not going to die clean."
  • Muzzafar Ahmed Hoosen
    Muzzafar Ahmed Hoosen Eddie Motherfuckin Griffin 👌👌
  • Kitty Owens
    Kitty Owens And Bubbles!!! Nobody would have made it!!!🤣🤣🤣🤣