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David Banner on 2 Types of Black People America Pays: Sell Outs & Stereotypes (Part 4)

22 min 42 sec
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  • djvlad
    djvlad WATCH FULL INTERVIEW: \u003ca href=\
    OKOMFO APEM Totally agree 100% i always say the same thing
  • Josh Stacy
    Josh Stacy So true real talk..
  • Rick Cline
    Rick Cline You made the choice to take the money. You can bring back Motown and change the culture. Police kill criminals who attack and resist arrest. Set that record streaight you racist.
  • kendoe11
    kendoe11 I think the Nword is definitely wrong but all through the 80s until now alot of rap music use the N word almost every other word growing up in the hood listening to rap the N word meant homme. If all you listening to is rap it becomes part of the language nothing malicious. Kids now days don't even know it was used for malicious intent I feel if you call each other the word you don't feel like it's also disrespectful. Maybe not to use the word in music at all instead of selling the word for money to an audience of white people.
  • Jared Davis
    Jared Davis Since when does having no beard make you a sell out?
  • Chicago Typewriter
    Chicago Typewriter Does his voice sound different?
  • jorge morales
    jorge morales When is the last time you heard a white person say the n.... word, black people say it all the time so stop tripping on white people ,if you're so offended with that word stop saying it yourself
  • Nicholas Anthony
    Nicholas Anthony What important, money or being real?,.....huh
  • Lee Lee Clark
    Lee Lee Clark Blacks need to stop depending on white people and learn how towork together and build your own business and Community's then white people can't blackballed you so Easy when you making your own money legally without there help and white people want black people to pretend slavery never happened smfh 😔
  • Carol Green
    Carol Green The term God means almighty and supreme. How can man be God when he is helpless, oppressed and imprisoned by oppressors.
    DARRYL DAMON We are STILL in slavery brother.
  • Trey Gebbs
    Trey Gebbs Blacks are America. And if any outside source came to fuck with y'all they fucking with me too. I don't need to listen to rap music to have these feelings.
  • Mz Charette
    Mz Charette Vlad knew to be quiet and stfu in this interview
  • GS7
    GS7 Nigga... \u003cbr /\u003e\u003cbr /\u003e\u003cbr /\u003e\u003cbr /\u003eShut up
  • Kwaze Mbutabe
    Kwaze Mbutabe Vlad was scared to say anything, he wasn't bout to control this interview.
  • tgcburn 21
    tgcburn 21 Black man can’t be a sellout. We have nothing to sell cause we don’t own anything. All black men are uncle toms cause we all support the system directly or indirectly. When you go to your job you are supporting the system that mistreats people of color. Simple. We have to try harder to focus on ending the system of white supremacy more than pointing at other black people. We have to stop bragging about the things these white folks let us have like degrees, money, or knowledge etc. we need to be more quiet and more active on ending this system. Not saying nothing to no one unless it’s something constructive to make a positive change. We have a lot of work to do but we blacks are the ones to do it. It’s gone be fight but we are put here for a reason.
  • The Pro364
    The Pro364 What about the brothers in the league? They get tons of love too. Why didnt he bring those up?
  • dana m
    dana m You are prospering hate and making money off hate ... education does not give someone common sense , right? Look inside and see the God within , behold the infinite of possibilities beyond anger, bitterness, and propagation of perceived present injustice . Take a deeper look into real stats. \u003cbr /\u003eWe ARE CREATED TO BE EQUAL IN GOD’s EYES ! Now straighten up and go for it all the way . There are no chains unless YOU desire them