Fox Body 5-lug Swap Comes to Temporary Stand Still!

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External forces prevented me from making much progress on the 5-lug swap for #projectLOWFAREmont the $4k budget build fox body this week. But the good news was those external forces were ones I scheduled. Follow along with me as I head to Las Vegas for #growwithvideo one day event, and take in some of the local sites including The Real Deal Tour at WelderUp. It was so cool getting to interact with Steve Darnell up close.

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Gear I shot this with:

Canon SL2 - http://amzn.to/2EfazeI
Canon EF-S 24mm f/2.8 STM lens - https://amzn.to/2QHSvOm
Rode Video Micro - https://amzn.to/2JZKJfN
Vangaurd Tripod - https://amzn.to/2QH2p2M

  • SkyScraper Guitars
    SkyScraper Guitars 4 тижні тому Looks like Vegas was a great time! I'm guessing you learned a ton from the Think Media crew.
  • Str8sixfan
    Str8sixfan 4 тижні тому I got some good takeaways for sure. They know their stuff. But yea the WelderUp tour made the other day so much valuable too since it was only a 1 day convention.
  • Double R Restorations
    Double R Restorations 4 тижні тому (змінено) Sounds like a great trip. I watch alot of their vids.
  • Str8sixfan
    Str8sixfan 3 тижні тому honestly I should probably watch more of their videos than I currently do. But it was a great conference for sure.
  • DrivenByGears
    DrivenByGears 4 тижні тому (змінено) That trip looked #epicbadassery seen your clips on Instagram.. I just wanted to mention you got them gas cans by the hot water tank idk if its gas or not but just heads up.
  • Str8sixfan
    Str8sixfan 4 тижні тому Yes, it certainly was BA. It's electric, but still - good call. I need to find a better place for them. I noted that after I put my propane torch next to them yesterday. Yea I need to stop making excuses and do it. I'll probably do that tonight.
  • DrivenByGears
    DrivenByGears 4 тижні тому @Str8sixfan yea I was just trying to keep you safe.
  • Str8sixfan
    Str8sixfan 3 тижні тому @DrivenByGears I need the kick in the pants anyway. Don't sweat it!
  • DrivenByGears
    DrivenByGears 3 тижні тому @Str8sixfan ouch
  • Antonio Claudio Michael
    Antonio Claudio Michael 4 тижні тому (змінено) Think media has a great channel
  • Olde Carr Auto Guy
    Olde Carr Auto Guy 4 тижні тому Steve is a pretty cool dude. Met him back in July! I can't wait to hear more about your trip!
  • Str8sixfan
    Str8sixfan 4 тижні тому I couldn't believe how down to earth he was. He's got the right personality to be doing what he's doing. I'm excited to watch his YT channel grow. He also gave us some insight on some things to expect from him in the multimedia world. Not sure if he cares if we share that or not, but I'll for sure do it "off camera" next time we touch base.
  • RoughRodzRestos
    RoughRodzRestos 4 тижні тому Now that was a GREAT excuse for a standstill! Knowledge gained from the trip will pay for the time lost on the project. Thanks for the update!
  • Str8sixfan
    Str8sixfan 4 тижні тому No doubt. And if I get the written permission for the WelderUp footage, it will be certainly well invested money too.
  • BubbasGarageTv
    BubbasGarageTv 2 тижні тому I can't seem to every stay in side the budget. Think Media has some really great content. Sounds like you had an awesome trip. Great break :)
  • Str8sixfan
    Str8sixfan 2 тижні тому I knew I probably wouldn't end up making it, but I tried as hard as I could for as long as I could to prevent it. The goal now is to stay within 5-10% over
  • Antonio Claudio Michael
    Antonio Claudio Michael 4 тижні тому Counting cars aka counts kustoms is a great place to tour in vegas as well as Rick's restoration
  • Str8sixfan
    Str8sixfan 4 тижні тому Yea, we didn't have time to make that one, but we were right there.
  • CJ Colvin
    CJ Colvin 4 тижні тому Are you planning on porting and polishing the GT40 Heads as well.
  • Str8sixfan
    Str8sixfan 4 тижні тому I will probably do some light gasket matching porting, but no full bore polishing jobs. I hear of mixed reviews of polishing messing up "air turbulence". Since the motor will make such low power anyway I don't figure it's a good return on (time) investment
  • CJ Colvin
    CJ Colvin 4 тижні тому @Str8sixfan Understandable.
  • Impact's Garage and Gaming
    Impact's Garage and Gaming 4 тижні тому I've heard nothing good about polishing intake manifolds and intake ports for carbureted engines, the semi rough surface is supposed to promote fuel atomization. It is supposedly a different story for fuel injected motors that don't have fuel traveling through the intake though.
  • Efurd Garage
    Efurd Garage 4 тижні тому damn, i think rodderfiles was out of town this weekend otherwise that would have been a good opportunity for you to get some exposure.
  • Str8sixfan
    Str8sixfan 4 тижні тому Oh yea, that's right. I forgot about him. It was such a quick trip (2 days) anyway that I couldn't have made that work out.
  • Efurd Garage
    Efurd Garage 4 тижні тому @Str8sixfan that sucks it was a quick trip to Vegas. If you go again yoy may have to make it for a longer trip
  • Str8sixfan
    Str8sixfan 4 тижні тому @Efurd Garage There's only so much Vegas I can take anyway. If money wasn't an issue, I don't know that I would have stayed more than a day longer than I did here.
  • Efurd Garage
    Efurd Garage 4 тижні тому @Str8sixfan true. There are alot of places i feel the same about, that are usally deemed a tourist destination