Lisa Gade reviews the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6, their high end 10.5” Android tablet for 2019. Like the Tab S4, it has a 2560 x 1440 Super AMOLED display, S Pen, a microSD card slot and Samsung DeX. New for this model are the Snapdragon 855 processor, more RAM and storage, a redesigned S Pen that mounts magnetically to the tablet’s back, and dual rear cameras (standard and wide angle). Alas, it loses the headphone jack. The tablet runs Android 9 with Samsung’s usual customizations. It’s available in two RAM and storage capacities, and likely an LTE 4G model will come later. We also look at the $179 Book Cover Keyboard for the S6 (with trackpad!).
** Get it on Amazon: https://amzn.to/2NUFgdN

  • flipwarrior
    flipwarrior 5 days ago Lisa, the Tab S6 does not have an ultrasonic in-display fingerprint reader; it is an optical one.
  • Patrick Hennig
    Patrick Hennig 4 days ago 8:43 battery for 15 minutes of streaming? wow, that is nearly a simpsons episode
  • Dazza
    Dazza 5 days ago Always wait for Lisa's review first.
  • 1946dfb
    1946dfb 3 days ago Yes she is an authority in this field
  • Stephanie Morris
    Stephanie Morris 1 day ago Strgvo re Q)we L l7l
  • GerardoPerez85
    GerardoPerez85 5 days ago Watching this on my Galaxy Tab S 6!! I love it! My first tablet ever! Glad I got it, this thing is a beast! Battery lasts all day with heavy use. Great review Lisa!
  • Mr. dark man
    Mr. dark man 4 days ago Do you think its worth it for someone who doesnt do any of the dec stuff but just use it for youtube, Netflix, spotify, etc? Just regular stuff you can do on ur s10+
  • puargs
    puargs 4 days ago YouTube plays in 1440p Netflix plays in HDR on Tab S6. If you're choosing between This and an iPad based on video apps, tab wins hands down. But if you don't care about the higher quality and just use regular apps, I'd buy a cheapo $250 iPad 6th gen.
  • Maverick Hunter K
    Maverick Hunter K 4 days ago puargs I don't recommend cheap iPad for media for one reason: Speakers are on one side.
  • GerardoPerez85
    GerardoPerez85 4 days ago @Mr. dark man if you are going to use the tablet for videos and music streaming, I would probably go with a more pocket friendly tablet. Possibly the Galaxy Tab A for regular usage. However, the screen on the Tab S6 is beautiful like no other, and the speakers are very loud. It's a very powerful tablet, and if used for just video playback and music, you will definitely not not be getting that bang for your buck. Especially if you have a S10+, you can do that on your phone. Hope this helps!
  • belal alamoudi
    belal alamoudi 4 days ago Can you confirm if it plays netflix 4k hdr quality ?
  • Sloppy Toons
    Sloppy Toons 4 days ago Mr. dark man if you don’t want an iPad the Samsung Tab 5se is probably more for you. You have the same screen as on the Tab S6. Just no Spen support and a significantly weaker CPU, so playing games is kind of daft. But just for Netflix, YouTube and other basic stuff it is said is great. Personally I have a Tab s3 and it’s still doing the job, but I just use it as a secondary Tab as a sketchbook mostly. The iPad Pro is my most used tablet if I don’t want to work on my Cintiq.
  • Eric L.
    Eric L. 4 days ago Same
  • LateNite
    LateNite 5 days ago On a tablet there is ZERO reason to remove the headphone jack ! I'll pass and keep my tab s4.
  • elletangere
    elletangere 5 days ago LateNite Exactly. That’s just stupid.
  • Robert Ratskywatsky
    Robert Ratskywatsky 5 days ago (edited) Same here. And especially since it's not even waterproof.
  • Michael Spraggins
    Michael Spraggins 5 days ago I wouldn't care as much if they just added a second USB-C port. Supposedly the reason they cut the 3.5mm jack is because it's too thick around for the thinness of these devices. All right, but USB-C isn't (since it already has one) so where's my second USB-C port so I can charge it with headphones in at the same time? Where's the USB-C dongle that I can leave attached to my headphones that will work with every USB-C device? Why weren't these questions solved BEFORE removing the headphone jack? Like I get it. You want to be thin. But c'mon.
  • Max T
    Max T 4 days ago @Michael Spraggins the solution is called $129
  • Joe Gillian
    Joe Gillian 4 days ago @Max T lol
  • Mr. dark man
    Mr. dark man 4 days ago Its for business and profitable reasons
  • Ryan
    Ryan 4 days ago Get a Sony Walkman High Res audio player if you need something for music. Samsung removing the headphone jack on their latest models drove me to find alternatives. Don't know what the answer is for video and games though!
  • Gregor Deissler
    Gregor Deissler 4 days ago But its soo much thinner w/o the jack... like 1mm or so. I mean if thats not progress i dont know what is 😅
  • Radi Bear
    Radi Bear 4 days ago @Ryan Dang, I didn't expect to go 50 years back to the walkman again
  • Tigerex966
    Tigerex966 4 days ago to sell you their latest disposable plastic wireless buds and take $100-$200 dollars from you or sell you a $10 dongle that cost them 50 cents to make. Greed pure and simple. Apple showed it works.
  • Radi Bear
    Radi Bear 4 days ago @Tigerex966 on the topic of apple, Apple's usbc to 3.5mm adapter's actually better than Google's. So consider that if you're gonna buy one
  • Rafe Garet
    Rafe Garet 4 days ago Do they include a Dongle in the box s with the S5e?
  • Mzu5000 Mzu
    Mzu5000 Mzu 4 days ago Bau wooof wuf wooof wuf , for the humans, bro' it's time to get the wireless inear
  • AG Coarseman
    AG Coarseman 4 days ago With the exception of the fact that most of the headphones you would want to use are already wireless...
  • LateNite
    LateNite 4 days ago @AG Coarseman try to learn something before you comment on this topic. Get you some good wired headphones (Shure) and then listen to any wireless pair.
  • LateNite
    LateNite 4 days ago @Mzu5000 Mzu What makes everyone think i don't have wireless buds? They all suck compared to my Shure wired earbuds.
  • Mzu5000 Mzu
    Mzu5000 Mzu 4 days ago @LateNite shorly don't came cheap, but thinking at tab ass 6 price, makes sense
  • AG Coarseman
    AG Coarseman 3 days ago @LateNite Like Sony WH1000MX3, or Bose 700? That good or better? Tablets and phones are not the devices real audiophiles wold listen to music from...or so I am told, but yeah, what do I know...
  • M. H. Aliwardoyo
    M. H. Aliwardoyo 3 days ago Even on a smartphone there's zero reason to remove the headphone Jack
  • GatchetCore4120
    GatchetCore4120 3 days ago @Ryan Exactly!
  • Nick Soper
    Nick Soper 4 days ago "Good for 15 minutes of streaming video." Welcome to the future! 😂 In all seriousness, thanks for the review. As always, the benchmark.
  • Assaf Imanuel
    Assaf Imanuel 3 days ago OMG Lisa. You should peel the black back sticker first. And then stick it to the Tab.
  • puargs
    puargs 4 days ago Hi Lisa I love your videos. I own both a iPad Pro 11 inch and the Tab S6. Just a quick note about some stuff regarding app ecosystem: while most of what you said is true, the video app ecosystem on Android has some big advantages on this tablet over the iPad. YouTube plays in 1440p, something you can't do in the iOS version. Netflix also plays in HDR. I believe Hulu also plays differently (or maybe it's just the screen?) Other video programs allow high resolution video downloads. It feels like the iPad pro is almost impossible to get high resolution video on but it's baked into Android. Also I have the keyboard case and it is solid on mine on the back, sorry to hear about yours. The apple pencil 2 is vastly superior to the s pen but they are still both great just for taking notes. The iPad pro is inarguably a beautiful machine but I hate watching 1080p on that giant screen. I will be keeping the tab s6 but I might exchange the keyboard case for the book case and just carry my own keyboard. The back is the same but the front is supposed to be less loose on the book cover.
  • Cheeze
    Cheeze 4 days ago Concur :)
  • Justin Ang
    Justin Ang 3 days ago Is 1080p on an 11-inch not good enough? I honestly don't understand the big difference between 1440p and 1080p on an 11 inch display
  • puargs
    puargs 3 days ago @Justin Ang Not a sarcastic reply - if 1080p were good enough, they wouldn't make the screens have twice the resolution of 1080p. You can't see the difference in videos (obviously), but it makes an astounding difference to your eyes. 1440p alone is a gigantic leap in quality. 2160 is even better
  • Justin Ang
    Justin Ang 3 days ago @puargs I see! I've never seen it before but it makes sense that it would look sharper. I just wasnct sure if it could be an incremental "better" or like a woooow "better," if you get what I mean
  • 616e6f6e
    616e6f6e 4 days ago Lisa, could you do a review of the laptops from Purism? Librem 13 or 15, whichever :3 ty
  • Nimrod Guinto
    Nimrod Guinto 4 days ago Just so you know, you can stick the s pen on the side of the tablet magnetically
  • konstantinNeo
    konstantinNeo 4 days ago Waddayaknow, sometimes it pays to actually read the quick start guide to learn a few things, namely how to properly attach the back cover and how to stick the s pen on the side.
  • Robert Ratskywatsky
    Robert Ratskywatsky 4 days ago As they say, as an absolute last resort read the instructions.
    KEN BEE 3 days ago Oooof
  • Johnny Tang
    Johnny Tang 4 days ago Keyboard case free with pre-order here in Taiwan.
  • nonesuch27
    nonesuch27 4 days ago Wacom EMR s pen > Apple Pencil especially for note-taking
  • Adeline Lim
    Adeline Lim 3 days ago Hey what watch strap is that in the video? It looks really good!
  • Death Tyohn
    Death Tyohn 19 hours ago Is the back case and the keyboard sold together for 179 or seperately?
  • ShallowDepression
    ShallowDepression 1 day ago Next year's model you'll be able to vape with the pen, the kids will love it!
  • wilcox tam
    wilcox tam 15 hours ago Why would anyone get an android tab? Why do you even need a tab if you have a very good smartphone
  • Deliquescator
    Deliquescator 4 days ago You can install Blender on Linux on Dex so you could do desktop like 3D modelling on the go on the Tab S6
  • Carlos C
    Carlos C 1 day ago (edited) Thank you, so much for reviewing this. I'll wait for the LTE model😀
  • Drakosia
    Drakosia 3 days ago Your case is definitely defective, mine holds very strongly/no issues falling off so far.
  • Luis
    Luis 20 hours ago Sadly defective for alot of users on the Samsung forum. Customer service is ignoring the issue for a large majority while a couple are able to return for a new production version