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  • Gremnel Esber
    Gremnel Esber 6 days ago I was thinking of getting this phone but the Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro arrived.
  • DerpyDoge
    DerpyDoge 6 days ago I recommend the normal mi 9t. The snapdragon 730 is good for multitasking and gaming, and is better at battery life compared to the flagship 855.
  • MHU channel
    MHU channel 6 days ago Bro take it worth it more that the a80 I been using it for a week now
  • Chris Piodena
    Chris Piodena 6 days ago K20 is great crisp for photos with reasonable price..in my opinion
  • Alvin Tries Tech
    Alvin Tries Tech 6 days ago With so many phones cheaper but spec'd better, it would be hard to market Galaxy A80 here in the Philippines. I would say its best feature is also its dealbreaker, the camera which offers equally good quality for front and rear pictures is too risky for people, as moving parts suggest more durability risks 😨
  • Belinda Ginete
    Belinda Ginete 6 days ago I totally agree! With so many midrangers coming out from newer companies and most with cheaper prices, this one would be a hard sell here in ph. And those moving parts would also mean no ip rating. If you want a 6.7" screen there's Samsung's own A70 to consider for almost half the price.
  • jason everly
    jason everly 6 days ago Too expensive to buy that trash Honor and huawei still a better choice
  • Haroko san
    Haroko san 6 days ago Overpriced but not trash 😁 it's a great display.
  • jason everly
    jason everly 6 days ago Ive been using samsung galaxy s10 until I accidentally drop the expensive crap from height of 2ft The screen cracked & display's turned white it cost me 8.5k to replace a broken screen SO SAD 😭
  • Vernon Lim
    Vernon Lim 6 days ago Huawei is Gunna get banned by the US meaning no Google and Android
  • jason everly
    jason everly 6 days ago xiaomi & realme are still around The mentioned brand has google supports and way more cheaper than any samsung device including my galaxy s10
  • Kenneth Ignacio
    Kenneth Ignacio 6 days ago (edited) Zenfone 6 crushed this trash in other markets, the only advantage this thing has is the amoled screen
  • gawis 2016
    gawis 2016 6 days ago (edited) mi 9T has 730 snapdragon...even got a better benchmark scores.. ..mi 9T pro has 855 snapdragon..8gb RAM and 128 storage..Gorilla glass 5..
  • kent leonhart
    kent leonhart 6 days ago LMAO at that price. Nice try Samsung. 🤣
  • Ar-ar Estrelles
    Ar-ar Estrelles 6 days ago My swiftie heart was honestly shaking at 2:22 and 5:14 😂❤️❤️ stream Lover by Taylor Swift y'all
  • Raymund Labs ra
    Raymund Labs ra 6 days ago same design with the oppo find x
  • Methane
    Methane 6 days ago Well done with your review guys. Your channel is on par with other tech review channels.
  • MHU channel
    MHU channel 6 days ago (edited) It's not worth the money no face unlock no sd card slot and most importantly no headphone Jack. And for almost for $500 it's ain't worth it
  • James Dennis Escalante
    James Dennis Escalante 6 days ago Miguel is calm and soothing this time. Pls continue your cuteness overload. 💖💖💖
  • JJ Cornelio
    JJ Cornelio 6 days ago LMAO 34K HELLO NO!
  • Ryle Sellado
    Ryle Sellado 6 days ago op7 pro is a better buy
  • Bryan Ben
    Bryan Ben 5 days ago samsung tab s6
  • Genes Gene
    Genes Gene 5 days ago wala na silang mauuto hehehe
  • JJ Cornelio
    JJ Cornelio 5 days ago @Ryle Sellado Way better. It's even better than s10 in my opinion
  • Vincent Gregorio Gaming
    Vincent Gregorio Gaming 6 days ago sa price na yan makakabili n ko ng ROG Phone
  • Gerald del Pilar
    Gerald del Pilar 6 days ago 4:19 , I started singing "Belle Ciao"
  • Roben Bou Mansour
    Roben Bou Mansour 6 days ago Good job for putting taylor swift's video #lover
  • Big Boar PH
    Big Boar PH 6 days ago Mi 9t is better value for money
  • dean.ab
    dean.ab 6 days ago A bit pricey and the design is 👎🏻
  • Fudgee Bear
    Fudgee Bear 1 week ago More power Yugatech!!!
  • Genes Gene
    Genes Gene 5 days ago Samsung gawa na kayo affordable brand nyoooooooooo