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The Great British Benefits Handout: Episode 4 (Social Experiment) | Full Documentary | Reel Truth

44 min 36 sec
221K views • 1.4K comments
  • Kayleigh Evans
    Kayleigh Evans Rachel i dont know
  • Kayleigh Evans
    Kayleigh Evans Her tosh is bk 😫🧐
  • Wonder Woman
    Wonder Woman Why not make it like dragons den..... Come in with an idea of what you want to do your "dream job". Have all the info, costs, training, job market stats, and earning potential. Then "borrow" (from DWP) what you need to make that happen.
  • Rebecca Mc Donald
    Rebecca Mc Donald Scott is the actual version of a dead beat dad
  • Mikhail
    Mikhail Tony is a bit doddery but his optimism is absolute gold
  • David Smith
    David Smith Did Tony spend twenty two grand on old wardrobes
  • Jessica Kennedy
    Jessica Kennedy love Tony such a nice man
  • Lozibiza resident
    Lozibiza resident I can't stand Scott.. it's al "I" and "Me". Self centred prat.
  • Avenue 43
    Avenue 43 sad to think all those animals are either dead or made into handbags now
  • lee mountain
    lee mountain Michael is a real life Rodney Trotter
  • thanxx
    thanxx he needs to kick that fkn son of his into touch
  • a
    a Tony and Diane are absolutely great.
  • maureen kidd
    maureen kidd The problem with this particular uploader of these videos ' REEL TRUTH DOCUMENTARIES', they re-upload their videos every few month and IT BECOMES QUITE CONFUSING!
  • Linda Gray
    Linda Gray I love Diane :)
  • Futures
    Futures the culture can be really brutal and leaves people dangling along with little coping skills years at the bottom, no confidence and fragility hidden in a thick skin
  • Leo Randall
    Leo Randall Leanne is beautiful. yum..U shudov asked the bailiff is they accept racoons as payment lol. Or reptiles. He Neva got his misses or kids anything by the looks of it
  • Marina London
    Marina London do u need 26000 to get cleaner job, it coudl be done before. what is wrong with these people :(
  • Da Ni
    Da Ni You can tell all Rachel wants to do is nothing different happy fir the other two familys but we I n 2019 now how they doing and has Rachel's kids found a job 4 she has.... .
  • HannahWithNoBananas
    HannahWithNoBananas why do those rough council women always have that purple/reddish/brown hair colour? it clashes with their bottle tanned skin
  • Tony D'Annunzio
    Tony D'Annunzio Putting the kid in front of an iPad.............