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A Postal Worker's Revenge | Full Documentary | Real Crime

45 min 08 sec
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  • Samo Sheppard
    Samo Sheppard Makes me somewhat grateful that despite the fact I'm diagnosed as "Paranoid Schizophrenic" I don't talk to individuals that aren't there... though I can 100% agree with the fact that if you isolate someone with schizophrenia who has delusions and such vivid hallucinations they will nearly always get worse and worse... there seem to be numerous times where she should have been hospitalized. KIDS have "imaginary friends" - adults have Schizophrenic Hallucinations and Delusions - the two are \u003cb\u003eVERY\u003c/b\u003e different!
  • believe
    believe Craayyy
  • Shane Kane
    Shane Kane Clearly mental illness.... The brain is just another organ within the body that can become diseased or cancerous. \u003cbr /\u003eMissed opportunity to acknowledge, contain, diagnose in an attempt to positively treat the condition. \u003cbr /\u003eMental Health facilities should (once again) be instituted as a priority; in protecting innocent citizens that unfairly become the un-necessary victims.
  • Shocking Honesty
    Shocking Honesty Everyone: Who is sick of people commenting in this format?\u003cbr /\u003eMe: I FUCKING AM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!\u003cbr /\u003eThe "originality" is gone; now it's just fucking annoying!!!!!!!!
  • Ronald Seaman
    Ronald Seaman Wow she had Nancy Pelosi dieses with California sideaffects
  • Ronald Seaman
    Ronald Seaman Sound like she was a budding Democrat
  • Queen G
    Queen G sure shes attractive... if ur into frankenfurter from rocky horror lol xxx <3
  • Queen G
    Queen G wonder if this tis where the phrase 'going postal' came from
  • Rozilyn noneyabusiness
    Rozilyn noneyabusiness Crazy ass white folks
  • Just Looking
    Just Looking Why didn't I guess this was Cali when I saw female shooter---+And I Knew it & clicked it anyway.
  • Lewis Collins
    Lewis Collins Thanks to liberal mental health rules, it is next to impossible to have someone committed
  • Mrs G
    Mrs G What she did was absolutely awful. But I do feel a little for her.. I have a schizophrenic father and I think she was severely paranoid schizophrenic, unmedicated, alone, and losing complete grip on reality. I feel for her since she didn't have any help! No one talks to her... No one tried to help her, or love her.
  • bwill8706
    bwill8706 Who gives a f*** if she was beautiful. This lady literally had had an imaginary friend and no one took her seriously.
  • Tom Smith
    Tom Smith Too many f***ing commercials!
  • Marketing Masters
    Marketing Masters They must have really pushed this lady over the edge. Time to demand better work environments
  • Shannon Bennett
    Shannon Bennett Why every man they introduce the first thing they say about this lady is “ she was good looking”. Not all crazy people are ugly 🤦🏾\u200d♀️
  • Judahs bankai
    Judahs bankai caucasian people will kill yo mfkn ass 😂😂😂😂 i stay tf away from yall ass. yall so mentally weak man. get rejected, fired, dumped now everybody gotta die 😭🤣
  • Marshal Whitehurst
    Marshal Whitehurst SOMETIMES,,,,,,,you JUST HAVE TO TAKE MATTERS INTO YOUR HANDS !!!!\u003cbr /\u003eCoworkers,,,,supervisors,,,,,Boss's in general AND OWNERS ,,,\u003cbr /\u003eAre DESPICABLE HUMAN BEINGS !!!!!! AND,,,\u003cbr /\u003eTHEY CAN DRIVE SOME PEOPLE CRAZY !!!!!! \u003cbr /\u003eYou NEVER REALLY KNOW PEOPLE UNTIL\u003cbr /\u003eTHEY BECOME YOUR COWORKERS !!!!\u003cbr /\u003eIF YOUR GOING TO GO OUT YOU MIGHT AS WELL\u003cbr /\u003eTAKE SOME OF THE " A_ S HOLES " OUT WITH YOU !!!!
  • Mick Williams
    Mick Williams What an evil murdering bastard she was and those who left her to roam the streets instead of locking the nutter away are almost as bad .What makes me want to puke is the amount of people and especially women on here defending her.I bet those same women would not defend a man in her situation.She was obviously a nutter and those who let her free to kill must have known that.Its a pity she killed herself as she deserved to be punished for her evil.Murdering innocent people is a vile crime and the families of those murdered deserve Justice.
  • Casey Marie
    Casey Marie Well, she wasn’t wrong about the government.\u003cbr /\u003e\u003cbr /\u003eIt’s a little suspicious that there’s no knowledge about her between HS graduation and age 40. Perhaps the CIA had a hand in her mental instability. The gap in her history, her good shot...among other things make me suspicious.